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Out of stock Okkatots Baby Carrier

Out of stock Okkatots Baby Carrier
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Out of stock Okkatots Baby Carrier
Out of stock Okkatots Baby Carrier
Out of stock Okkatots Baby Carrier
Out of stock Okkatots Baby Carrier
Out of stock Okkatots Baby Carrier
Out of stock Okkatots Baby Carrier

Okkatots Baby Carrier:

The Okkatots Baby Carrier with unique Xtend-to-Tend adjustment lets you attend to baby's needs while in the carrier!

Eye contact with you is critical for baby's sense of worth and security. A simple adjustment and the Okkatots baby carrier lets you chat to baby and make eye contact if baby gets restless. Great when getting baby used to being in a carrier or if you're stuck standing still in line at the grocery store.

The Shoulder Harness clips in front at the parent's chest forming a vest which is then adjusted to fit so there is no guessing a proper fit. Baby can then be carried up against the parent's chest for increased support. The Harness is widest at the parent's shoulders spreading the load over a wider area and making baby carrying more comfortable. The Shoulder Harness fits from approx. 28" - 66" chest.

The Okkatots Baby Carrier has a separate fitted pouch that adjusts two ways to fit any sized baby within the carrying range. When contracted for a tiny baby there is even more support around baby's back

The baby is fitted into the pouch before being attached to the harness. This means that the parent can give full attention to the fit before baby is attached to the harness. This is as easy as putting on a diaper. It breaks down the process of baby carrying into three easily doable steps: Fit Harness to adult, fit Pouch to baby then attach Pouch to Harness.

Top Straps go over baby's shoulders connecting the Harness to the Pouch. The straps are also designed to allow the parent to adjust the closeness by which baby is held. This means that if baby is restless the straps can be extended allowing baby to see the parents face and interact without removing baby from the carrier. Parents can easily determine airflow around baby and make needed adjustments and assess other needs and then meet their baby's needs.

And....The Okkatots Baby Carrier doesn't only carry your baby!!!

The Pouch can secure an older baby in a shopping cart seat or on a bar-backed chair. Then when baby becomes too heavy to carry, the pouch can still be used to keep baby from climbing out of shopping carts and it folds up into its own pocket for convenient storage.

Both Pouch and Harness can secure an older baby on a solid-backed chair - a useful aid when you're out with baby or while travelling.

Distribution Of Weight On Parents Body:

With the current shoulder harness, baby's weight will be taken mostly on your shoulders and back with some on the parents chest as the carrier holds baby close to the parent. Holding baby close to the parent also minimizes the shift in center of gravity. The straps are wide and comfortable.

Okkatots is also developing a waist/hip belt that will place most of baby's weight on the parent's hips for those who carry baby for longer periods of time or for when baby gets too heavy for shoulders alone. This will also give baby a wider seat and more support both facing in towards the parent and facing out. It will attach to the existing carrier and would be bought as an extra. This will allow parents to determine their own needs before investing in the waist strap.

Product features:

  • Bib included
  • Machine Washable
  • Weight: 1 lbs, 6 oz.
  • Material: 100% Cotton outer
  • Carries babies 7 lbs - 25 lbs.
  • Baby can face you or face out
  • Easily remove a sleeping baby
  • Pouch goes on easily – like a diaper
  • Secures babies with waist up to 24" in carts
  • Nothing under baby's arms to affect circulation
  • Pouch extends two ways to custom fit a growing baby
  • Pouch can be used in a shopping cart as a child restraint
  • Comfortable, padded shoulder straps adjust for a perfect fit
  • Secures babies with waist up to 28" on solid backed chairs

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